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Argot: drawing and paintings

In this artistic production, I work on two different lines, but they have a lot in common.
1. PROJECT "Kontiki Viracocha - The Lord of the Rods" from the series "The legacy of the gods".
Genre: Artgot.
This project takes the sequence of information lost in the Andes. All of this seemingly lost information travels from mouth to mouth between the people. At the same time, I align myself with my roots and take my initiatory journey as a man from the Andes through symbols and ancestral rituals.
Kontiki Viracocha is the god´s Andean man. He gave to them the philosophy, the way of life, the technology and all knowledge necessary to learn. He also taught them through symbols as like the Chakana (a sacred geometric construction, because for the Andeans, perfect buildings are sacred.) for their daily, scientific, and spiritual lives.
I use Unancha and Tocapo Quilka, Andean written languages ​​to expand semantically my symbolism in this series.

2. PROJECT "The Arcane" from the series "Legacy of the Gods".
Genre: Artgot.
In this project, I take as a reference the lost symbols in the world through the ages; arcane, esoteric symbols that have been lost through the night of the times. This travel is not only between symbols, but it sacred geometry and numerology. It is also an initiatory way through the forbidden journey, between the sacred and the profane.

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