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Commissions or special requests
CD Covers: samples

Book Covers


Photo manipulation

Simple retouching

WANTS TO ORDER DESIGN:  The most important thing for all artworks is to compile all the information that can be provided by the band. Send me images, lyrics, preferences and/or explain your idea/concept of what you want in order to make the work more agile.

How long will it take?

That depends on the type of work - some works are more complicated than others!

How much will it cost?

Set fees, plus additional rates may be applicable based on complexity/length of time.

The prices vary from design to design!

It depends on the band, budget, desired work, format, etc. Contact me to negotiate a reasonable price for your project!

Payment shall be made in advance.

Please ask before ordering a work.

¤ Unique form of payment: Bank transfer or Western Union ¤

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