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Miguel Tinizaray


Phone: 0047 93665649

Noruega - Norge - Norway

Artist statement:
The human figure and portrait have always been the visual center in my work. Many times they are solitary beings surrounded by negative spaces who suffer the emptiness, loneliness, and social marginalization of contemporary man.
Currently in my artwork, I combine traditional techniques with digital techniques that allows me to not only get an original work on paper, but to also obtain infinite images after being edited with Adobe Photoshop which can be printed on canvas and then retouched with oil or acrylic.
Most of my digital artwork is gothic and dark images with melancholic atmospheres; lonely and full of arcane symbols.
In my drawings I work with different projects, such as erotic, gothic, dark, native, warrior, etc... Each project consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media; grouped around specific themes and meanings. I don’t only draw on conventional materials. I also draw on canvas.
Now I am working on the project "On the trail of the gods". It is a series of images based on hidden and secret codes. This artwork I called "ARTGOT" which is defined as "slang" or a secret language. All those images contain lots of symbolism, from the Andes Mountains to arcane symbols and antiques, which is only understood by a small group of people.

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